Enrolling in Business School Until September Without Giving Up Excellence

Nearly 15% of students in higher education declare that they have made a mistake in their choice of orientation, or have resigned themselves to making other choices because they have not found the ideal training or school: going abroad to do a small job or improve their language level, acquiring a first professional experience in a company, carrying out a humanitarian mission...

As the Albert School starts on September 19, there is no need - provided you have a good profile and are motivated by its innovative pedagogy - to lose a year and take advantage of the open admission phase in September.

Albert School Business & Data is the first business school with a strong focus on data, with numerous job opportunities and partnerships with leading companies. Students who enter the school in September have just passed their baccalaureate or have chosen to reorient themselves after an HEC preparatory class, a scientific preparatory class (MPSI, MPMP) or even after a first year of medicine.

Albert School profiles have many similarities with students in preparatory classes

  1. They are good students, curious students with a strong taste for learning.
  2. They have an affinity for scientific subjects, particularly mathematics: they have taken the Expert Math Specialty, or the Complementary Math Specialty.
  3. Their teachers presented them with the best way to get into a very good program
  4. They aspire to highly sought-after professions such as trader, merger and acquisition analyst, businessman or woman, engineer, veterinarian.



What is the Albert School in practice?

  • It is a school created by 3 young founders who graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, HEC and Ecole Normale Supérieure and who identified through their previous experiences - in a company, in a ministerial cabinet, or even the start-up they had created - the skills needed to become a manager in a large group or a start-up or even to set up their own company, in a context where everyone cites Data as the black gold of the 21st century.

  • Leading entrepreneurs are joining this project to ensure that they can source good profiles and remedy the shortage of data-litterate talents with data as a common point of these large groups and unicorns and their founders: Xavier Niel (Free), Bernard Arnault (LVMH), Pierre-Edouard Stérin (Otium), Maximilian Bittner (Vestiaire Collective), Jonathan Cherki (Contentsquare), Philippe de Chanville (ManoMano), Florian Fournier (PayFit), Jacques-Antoine Granjon (Veepee), Michael Philippe and Robin Sabban (Jellysmack), Alexandre Yazdi (Voodoo).

  • Albert School's professors are all graduates of the best institutions (ENA, Sciences Po, Ecole Polytechnique, agrégation etc.) and work in companies, to create a unique and relevant curriculum and bring to students their concrete experience of the needs of companies.
  • The Bachelor Business & Data program lasts 3 years, and can be extended by a Master's degree within the school or elsewhere in order to obtain a Bac+5.
  • The subjects taught are: math, data, finance, economics, marketing and, as in a business or science prep class, English, geopolitics, philosophy...
  • The programs and timetables have been designed around the student to allow him/her to follow a complete training while being immersed in the concrete challenges of companies through the famous Business Deep Dives. They study in small groups concrete cases from large groups(Orange, Volkswagen) and start-ups(GoGreen, We Maintain) and even public organizations such as the DGSE... ;
  • 30 hours of classes per week with lectures, tutorials, tests, business deep dives, group work...;
  • From major partnerships with leading companies in their sectors with numerous outlets
  • An exceptional campus in the heart of Paris, located at 18 rue de Paradis, in the 10th arrondissement.

What are the opportunities offered by the school?

Albert School graduates in business & data can apply to 2 types of jobs:

  • highly specialized data professions such as data analysts, data scientists, data strategists
  • expert jobs in marketing, finance and supply, but with a head start in mastering tools and an approach that is eminently data-centric

How to register and be admitted in September?

Like other more established and high quality schools, Albert School has chosen not to go through Parcoursup and offers you to apply directly to the school.

We want to give priority to the human relationship: this means being able to talk together to answer all your questions during an initial telephone conversation and then meet you during an interview to find out your motivations.

To eliminate as much bias as possible, the Albert School entrance exam is based on three steps, is totally free and open to all in distance learning.

  1. Memory: The 1st event is a short 2-minute online game that tests memory.
  2. Logic and Mathematics: the 2nd test lasts 60 minutes. It is designed to test your skills in logic and mathematics based on the speciality mathematics program of the general baccalaureate.
  3. Interview: the last step is a 30-minute interview with the school's founders, to get to know each other, to evaluate your ability to develop a logical reasoning to solve a complex open-ended question, and to allow you to explain in English your motivations for joining Albert School.

Practical Information September Admissions :


  • Intended audience: Baccalaureate graduates, ideally with a specialization in math, students in their first year of higher education.
  • Program start date: September 19, 2022
  • Admission requirements:
  • Memory Test (2 minutes)
  • Logic and Mathematics Test (1 hour)
  • Motivation interview (30 minutes with the founders of the School)
  • Number of places: Albert School reserves a few places for students wishing to reorient themselves after a few weeks of preparatory classes and who have the necessary prerequisites in mathematics. Response within 72 hours.
  • Applications on our website: https: //admission.albertschool.com/who-are-you
  • Information on the school's website: https: //www.albertschool.com/
  • Contact: Admissions Department contact@albertschool.com, 01 76 39 12 67

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