Executive Certification Program

This high-level certification course in Data Analytics lasts 6 months, part-time, by distance learning and on-campus immersion. At the crossroads of Business and Data, it is designed for professionals who are changing careers or who wish to develop their skills in an environment of excellence to become talented Data Analysts.


The increase in storage capacity and the explosion in computing power have transformed data into a source of unlimited information and intelligence. Today, it is the key to the success of companies. Faced with this reality, the Data Analyst has become one of the most sought-after profiles on the job market.

By joining the ALBERT SCHOOL training to become a Data Analyst, you will learn to program in Python, query in SQL databases, master the main data analysis methodologies, build dashboards and reporting from popular Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

Don't wait any longer to retrain and develop skills that are highly sought after by companies!

Do you recognize yourself?

Do you want to progress in your job or change careers?
Do you understand the importance of data analysis in organizations, both private and public, and in all business verticals?
Do you want to play a central role in the growth of companies and help managers make informed decisions?
Are you of legal age and have a minimum of three years of higher education?
Do you have basic knowledge of mathematics (derivatives, linear equations)?
Do you want to learn in a demanding environment that values excellence? 

This training is for you! If you are not sure you have the skills required, make an appointment! Our teams will test your knowledge and provide you with additional preparatory resources.


Identify, extract and structure relevant data
Define KPIs and monitor their achievement
Produce analyses and interpret information to help teams make informed decisions
Carry out statistical tests on data
Design automated dashboards for strategic management using Business Intelligence tools
Model behaviors
Make predictions
Contribute to the dissemination of a data culture within the company

Why choose Albert School? 

A school of excellence involving talented professionals

Supported by Xavier Niel and Bernard Arnault, Albert School offers a demanding, rigorous and excellent learning environment that reflects the ambitions of its main shareholders, partners and teachers.

A pedagogical approach based on practice and exchange between peers

Our pedagogy is based on self-learning and peer-to-peer exchanges based on real-life case studies provided by professionals from different sectors, developing a 360° Business and Data approach.

A pragmatic training program that is consistent with market expectations

We have selected the most sought-after tools on the market and work hand in hand with our partners in building our academic programs to stay on top of technological developments.

The detailed program

Understanding and manipulating data

Following an overview of the missions and tools of the Data Analyst, you will discover each day a new practical case allowing you to master the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environment and to perform your first analyses. You will discover several key automation tools (Zapier, Airtable) that have become essential in any data-driven company. 

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What is a database? How to build a data model? Which model to choose according to the uses? So many questions solved during this second month of training. In the continuity of the first module, you will learn how to use an API and to manage a CRM. Finally, you will learn SQL, the main language for querying databases. 

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Visualization & Business Intelligence

You will learn how to choose and create business intelligence indicators and dashboards using the most popular business intelligence tools (Tableau, Power BI, Google Data Studio). You will also start learning Python, the most popular language in data analysis and data science. 

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Python for Data Analytics

Python is the essential programming language for Data Science. From data scrapping, to data cleaning & preprocessing, to Machine Learning, you will get all the necessary tools to run a Data project independently. Several data analysis methods are also taught. 

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Final Project

Depending on your professional project, several Masterclasses of your choice are offered to allow you to go deeper into a specific sector of activity. You finish and submit your final data project, which you have been working on since the first month. In the perspective of your professional reconversion, several coaching workshops and networking events are organized. 

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Why award an RNCP title rather than a Bachelor or Master degree?

The RNCP 6 and 7 titles are recognized diplomas of Bac+3 and Bac+5 level. The Ministry of Labor is responsible for these degrees.

The Bachelor's degree and the Master's degree are under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

The Commission d'évaluation des formations et diplômes de gestion (CEFDG) is in charge of evaluating the training of private higher education institutions in order to authorize them to deliver the grade de licence or the grade de master.

For both the Bachelor's and Master's degrees, one of the most important criteria is:

"The school must have 50% of PhDs on its permanent teaching staff. [CEFDG evaluation reference]

One of the two pillars of Albert School is to be as close as possible to the business world. Thus, our professors (except in mathematics, an associate professor) are senior executives and experts involved in the business world. From marketing director to investment banker to entrepreneur: they can teach our students about the operational reality of the company.

An RNCP title allows its holder to prove the achievement of skills, abilities and knowledge.

Albert School certifications ◆◆

Albert School is a private institution of higher education. The training provided delivers certifications and also ECTS credits recoginzed at the European Union level. The titles prepared can only be obtained by validating the totality of the classes.

Recognized diplomas, registered in the RNCP

Students are prepared for RNCP level 6 (Bachelor) and 7 (Msc) qualifications. These RNCP titles are regulated by France Compétences, an organization that depends on the Ministry of Labor. Albert School delivers a diploma that provides ECTS credits, approved by the European Union.

Title "Chargé de Gestion et Management" - Certified title of Level 6, NSF codes 310 and 310p, registered in the RNCP on 26/06/2020, delivered by Formatives. 

Title "Project Manager in Artificial Intelligence" - Certified title of Level 7, NSF codes 326t and 326p, registered in the RNCP on 26/01/2022, delivered by Ascencia.

What is the difference between an RNCP title and a Bachelor or Master degree?

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Individual training assistance

It is a financing of 2000€ proposed by Pôle Emploi to integrate the training. This financing is not automatic. To obtain it, make an appointment with your Pôle Emploi advisor to present your professional project.

Professional Transition Project

The Professional Transition Project allows employees to take a leave of absence from their job and follow a training course leading to a certificate in order to change jobs or professions. This training can be done on or off the job. During the Professional Transition Project, Transitions Pro undertakes to maintain the salary and educational expenses under certain conditions.

Personal financing

At ALBERT SCHOOL, we want the cost of training to never be an obstacle to professional development. We offer you the possibility to spread out the payment of your training fees according to the rhythm that suits you. We have also set up partnerships with several banks to help you obtain a loan at a preferential rate.



Mathieu ROSENBAUM | Resident Professor of Mathematics at the Ecole Polytechnique

There is now a widespread need to be able to manipulate and use data. The omnipresence of data is clear in all business segments.

A training program supported by the founder of Ecole 42, Xavier Niel, and numerous partner companies

An exceptional campus in the heart of Paris

When it is not carried out remotely, the training takes place on the ALBERT SCHOOL campus located in the 10th district of Paris.

A former earthenware factory covering more than 2,500 square meters, the building, built in 1889, is a listed historic monument. Adrien Raoul, the architect of École 42, designed the site as a warm, hybrid space, halfway between a school and a coworking space.

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