The admission process ◆◆

At ALBERT SCHOOL, we believe that everyone can achieve great things and we look for the minds that will shape the world of tomorrow. The hardest part is identifying them and that's our job.

The Albert School applies a rigorous selection process to its students while ensuring that it offers financial aid packages that will allow the best students, no matter where they come from, to join.

Applications to the Albert School are open on the website.

To eliminate as much bias as possible, we have designed a three-step process that is completely free and open to all. The test does not require any specific preparation, but a good understanding of mathematical concepts is recommended.

Les candidats déclarés admis disposent d’un temps de réflexion pour garantir un choix éclairé, fondé sur la conviction et l’engagement.


Submit your file

The first step is to submit your application online directly from our application platform.

You can submit your documents at any time. To begin your application, click on application or admission and choose the program you are interested in.

The required documents vary depending on the program you choose.



Cette étape dure 40 minutes. Elle est conçue pour tester tes compétences en mathématiques et ton raisonnement.

En cas de réussite, tu seras invité au tour suivant sous réserve que ton dossier soit également validé par le jury d'admission.

Nos conseils : le test ne peut pas être fini et s’arrête automatiquement au bout de 40 minutes. Les questions n'ont pas toutes le même niveau de difficulté. Ce test n'est pas un test de mathématiques mais un test de logique : il n'est pas nécessaire de maîtriser le programme de terminale pour réussir ce test.

Une dernière chose : certaines questions sont très difficiles, nous évaluons la capacité du candidat à réagir face à des questions auxquelles il ne peut pas répondre : le test peut être réussi même si tu as eu l'impression de rencontrer des difficultés !



The last step is a 30-minute individual interview with the admission jury. During this interview, the jury will test your motivation, your ability to approach a complex open-ended problem and your command of English. No preparation is necessary.

All interviews are conducted by video conference.

To give everyone a chance, each applicant can only go through the admission process once a year. ◆◆

To ensure this, you will be asked to provide your full name and date of birth as it appears on your ID.

If you pass the entire admission process, you will be asked to present a national identity document that exactly matches the information you provided before the test.

School fees

ALBERT SCHOOL is a private institution of higher education of excellence. The price of an academic year at Albert School:
- Years 1 to 3: 12 000€
- Years 4 and 5: 0€ (we find your work-study!) ◆◆

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albert school scholarships with our partners

Tuition fees should not be an obstacle to further study. ALBERT SCHOOL is committed to promoting diversity and social inclusion by making its programmes accessible to any student meeting the selection criteria.◆◆

Talent Scholarships, which fund all or part of the tuition of particularly deserving students, are awarded according to social criteria and are available to actively promote diversity. For example, some of our partnerships provide funding for scholarships for students entering the Albert School's Bachelor's program at the start of the 2022 school year. These scholarships finance half of the tuition of the successful applicants. The application for the scholarship is to be made once the student has been admitted.

Financing your education: student loans

Loans at advantageous rates have been negotiated with banking institutions (BNP, Société Générale) to facilitate access to the School.

Within the framework of a partnership with ALBERT SCHOOL, admitted students have the possibility of taking out a bank loan at a preferential rate. This loan can cover the totality of their tuition fees with a deferred reimbursement at the end of their studies.

The loan application must be made once the student has been admitted.

Outside of parcoursup ◆◆

ALBERT SCHOOL is not included in Parcoursup.
Like other schools of excellence, Albert School has chosen not to go through Parcoursup and offers you to apply directly to the school.

We want to give priority to the human aspect of the process: this means being able to talk to each other to answer all your questions over the phone and to meet you for an interview so that we can get to know you better and help you with your higher education project.


Let's meet ◆◆

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