Would you like to help build the education of tomorrow?

We are always looking for companies and institutions aligned with our values and concerned with supporting our students in their academic and professional development.

RECRUIT our talent for internships, work-study programs or first jobs ◆◆

We regularly post your offers on our Career Portal. You can send them to us by sending an email to partners@albertschool.com.

We have also set up a co-recruitment partnership in the context of our work-study Masters. Send us your criteria, we pre-qualify for you directly the best candidates for your offers!


We are committed to placing companies at the heart of our teaching.

Albert School's signature pedagogical program, the Business Deep Dives, consists in highlighting a company during a three-week teaching cycle around a business and data case co-constructed with our teaching team.

To apply, you can send an email to partners@albertschool.com.


Albert School is both selective in its recruitment and open to all talents. In order to make our training accessible, we have set up a Talent Grant scheme to help our students finance their education.

To help one of our new students finance his or her tuition fees, you can make a donation and send an email to: scholarship@albertschool.com.

YOU train or train your employees ◆◆

Our training programs address three major business challenges:

Developing a data-driven culture
Certifying the skills of your employees
Attracting and retaining the best talent

They follow one guideline: making data a lever for growth shared by all employees within your organization.

We offer them an inspiring place where they can step back from their daily tasks, develop their skills and increase their impact.

To learn more, contact us partners@albertschool.com

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