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St. Albert School, the first business school anchored in data ◆◆

ALBERT SCHOOL is the first Business School that gives full importance to data.

Offering a skilful balance of the best teaching from the major business and engineering schools, it reinvents the preparation of its students for the business world.

The school guarantees its students numerous job opportunities, starting with opportunities in its renowned partner companies (LVMH, Carrefour, BCG Gamma, etc.).

Located in the heart of the 10th arrondissement of Paris, ALBERT SCHOOL's first campus also offers all the advantages of Parisian life, coupled with those of a busy student life.


/ Operations Manager


/ Director of Strategy


/ School Director

Business X Data = Success

MATHS -> Deepen the fundamentals
DATA -> From concept to tool
BUSINESS -> Economics, Finance, Marketing, Business
HUMAN SCIENCES -> Environment, Philosophy, Geopolitics, English

I discover pedagogy

Learning by doing

Albert School's signature pedagogy, the Business Deep Dives are in-depth analyses of the model and challenges of partner companies.
Lasting 3 weeks, they aim to develop a deep understanding of the issues at stake in the life of companies and the strategic levers.
They cover several subjects at the same time (marketing, data, finance, economics, business).

Understanding Business Deep Dives

Excellence as a must

On the programme: a high-performance learning programme that trains for tomorrow's professions.
Our renowned lecturers and professors from prestigious schools cultivate in our students the requirement and the desire to surpass themselves. It is always through concrete cases that they have the opportunity to apply the theory to the various challenges that are thrown at them.
The Scientific Council guarantees academic excellence and ensures the coherence of the programme.

I meet the team

Co-creating with the business world

Xavier Niel, Bernard Arnault, Pierre-Édouard Stérin... big names from the world of business are committed to the Albert School.
Between the partnerships with best-in-class companies in their sectors, the many high-level lecturers and teachers and the availability of this network of exceptional partners, Albert School is a real springboard to the business world.

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100% data-driven

At ALBERT SCHOOL, data becomes a tool for supporting and developing the skills of our students.
Our student-centred approach allows us to identify the student's strengths and areas for improvement.
At the same time, the teaching is designed to enable the student to understand, exploit and enhance the value of data for business performance.

Why data?

Happy students, successful leaders.

The Albert School concept is also a school dedicated to the development of its students.
Thanks to a personalized follow-up of at least 2 hours per week and to student associations with varied activities, each student becomes an actor of his schooling, but also of his personal and professional success.

I explore student life

Our specialized Masters [bac +5]

At the end of the Bachelor's degree, Albert School students have acquired the skills to enable them to enter a Master of Science program of their choice.

Starting in 2023, Albert School will launch the following Masters of Science: Data for Business, Data for Marketing, Data for Finance and Data for Sustainability

◆◆ MSc Data for Business
◆◆ Data For marketing

Our opportunities and expertise

Xavier Niel | Founder Iliad

"While French Tech is experiencing a meteoric acceleration, we now have a critical training issue to accompany this dynamic.
Our start-ups need professionals who speak the language of data; our unicorns are recruiting hundreds of them; our largest companies are imitating them. The launch of ALBERT fills me with enthusiasm. It is a great lever for our youth and the whole country.


Albert School's strategy is to train students for the most innovative and promising professions on the market. By developing hybrid Business and Data skills, students are positioned towards a strong demand from companies and a rapid career evolution.

Albert School's degrees provide the skills needed by companies to operate, manage and develop data-driven solutions.

In addition to the fundamental blocks of mathematics and humanities, students work at a pace marked by three-week "Business DeepDives", organised in partnership with leading companies:


ALBERT SCHOOL, co-created with Tech entrepreneurs, was born to develop the skills sought by companies. ◆◆

Combining the best of the teaching of the major business schools with that of the major engineering schools, Albert School innovates in the preparation of its students for the business world to make a difference.

To keep its promise, the School relies on 50 partner companies to deploy a new teaching method that is both demanding and stimulating, focused on the student and rooted in data.

Why award an RNCP title rather than a Bachelor or Master degree?

The RNCP 6 and 7 titles are recognized diplomas of Bac+3 and Bac+5 level. The Ministry of Labor is responsible for these degrees.

The Bachelor's degree and the Master's degree are under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

The Commission d'évaluation des formations et diplômes de gestion (CEFDG) is in charge of evaluating the training of private higher education institutions in order to authorize them to deliver the grade de licence or the grade de master.

For both the Bachelor's and Master's degrees, one of the most important criteria is:

"The school must have 50% of PhDs on its permanent teaching staff. [CEFDG evaluation reference]

One of the two pillars of Albert School is to be as close as possible to the business world. Thus, our professors (except in mathematics, an associate professor) are senior executives and experts involved in the business world. From marketing director to investment banker to entrepreneur: they can teach our students about the operational reality of the company.

An RNCP title allows its holder to prove the achievement of skills, abilities and knowledge.

Albert School certifications ◆◆

Albert School is a private institution of higher education. The training provided delivers certifications and also ECTS credits recoginzed at the European Union level. The titles prepared can only be obtained by validating the totality of the classes.

Recognized diplomas, registered in the RNCP

Students are prepared for RNCP level 6 (Bachelor) and 7 (Msc) qualifications. These RNCP titles are regulated by France Compétences, an organization that depends on the Ministry of Labor. Albert School delivers a diploma that provides ECTS credits, approved by the European Union.

Title "Chargé de Gestion et Management" - Certified title of Level 6, NSF codes 310 and 310p, registered in the RNCP on 26/06/2020, delivered by Formatives. 

Title "Project Manager in Artificial Intelligence" - Certified title of Level 7, NSF codes 326t and 326p, registered in the RNCP on 26/01/2022, delivered by Ascencia.

What is the difference between an RNCP title and a Bachelor or Master degree?

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The team

Meet the Albert School team ◆◆

Grégoire Genest, General Manager


Mathieu Schimpl, Director of Operations

Alexandre Tremblay, Directeur Marseille


Lucie-Anna Oddon, Head of Executive
Education & Partnerships


Edouard Neuville, Head of Academics

Benjamin Apra, Professor of Mathematics

Hanna Benkhouja, Head of Admissions

Léo Cherprenet, Content Manager


Romane Robion, Content Manager

Gustavo Lefebvre, Content Manager

Marie Legoff, Pôle Academics

Maelle Laurent, Promotion et Communication

Our news

Find out all the news about ALBERT SCHOOL ◆◆


The first class is sponsored by the former Secretary of State for Digital, Cedric O. "For this first year, we had 700 candidates. 70 were admitted, of which 33 joined us," he says. To accommodate them, the school has set up four classrooms and small work spaces. "These small boxes will be used for business and math tests. Each teacher will have a group of 3 students, 2 hours per week", he explains. A large amphitheatre sits in the center of the building, overlooked by a glass roof.

La Provence

Albert School announces the opening of a campus in Marseille.

Albert School announces the opening of its campus in Marseille in September 2023. The Business & Data school of excellence is opening in Marseille with the support of entrepreneur Rodolphe Saadé of CMA-CGM and Marseille entrepreneurs such as Marc Simoncini, Denis Philipon and Pierre Lacaze, who are joining Xavier Niel, Bernard Arnault and Pierre Edouard Sterin in the adventure. Interviews for post-baccalaureate students and for the first year of the Master of Science program will take place soon.

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