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ALBERT SCHOOL integrates companies in its governance and in its teaching program. Our students are in constant contact with professionals from large corporations, unicorns and start-ups because we believe that nothing can replace real-life experience.

In addition to the fundamental blocks of mathematics and humanities, students work at a pace marked by three-week "Business Deep Dives", organized in partnership with leading companies.

Albert School's ambition is to provide rare talents and future leaders to the booming Tech ecosystem and promises its students numerous job opportunities.


To address the talent shortage, Albert School is supported by a wide range of companies. ◆◆

In order to keep its promise of developing talents capable of creating business very tactically but also of handling and exploiting data, ALBERT SCHOOL relies on its 50 partner companies to deploy a new pedagogy, both demanding and stimulating, always centered on the student and anchored on data.

Our partner companies cover all sectors of activity: luxury, retail, e-commerce, food, finance, real estate, SaaS, IT telecommunications, insurance, gaming, catering...

Luxury - Large company

LVMH and ALBERT SCHOOL: an educational partnership focused on data and AI professions

LVMH and Albert School are joining forces to train talents capable of bridging the gap between business and data with a unique educational partnership, based on data and artificial intelligence.
As part of this partnership, LVMH, the world leader in luxury goods, will be the subject of a "Business Deep Dive": for three weeks, our students will be able to understand the operations and challenges of a group the size of LVMH through very concrete case studies.

In this video, Franck Le Moal, CIO of the LVMH Group, shares his vision and experience on the impact of data within the LVMH Group in its organization as well as the need for hybrid business and data talents, trained by Albert School.

LVMH or Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy is a French group specialized in luxury goods. Its market capitalization is the largest of the CAC40 and makes the company the world leader in luxury goods.

Consulting - Large company

BCG GAMMMA is a partner of Albert School, the first Business School of Excellence dedicated to data

BCG GAMMA and Albert School are partnering to increase the strategic culture and creativity of future managers through an education focused on data and inclusion issues. The diversity of talents is essential to the implementation of a creative and effective use of data. As part of this partnership, BCG GAMMA is committed to funding three student scholarships at the start of the 2022 school year. Throughout the year, BCG GAMMA's data scientists will give lectures and small group coaching sessions to pass on their experience and knowledge to Albert School students.

BCG GAMMA is the entity of BCG (Boston Consulting Group) dedicated to Artificial Intelligence (AI). 1500 data scientists, specialists in data analysis techniques (data science, engineering, optimization, machine learning) develop solutions to radically transform the performance of the largest groups.

In this video, Camille Brégé, Director of BCG GAMMA in France, talks about this unique educational partnership, linked to the challenges of data, which will help train those who will make the companies of tomorrow.

RETAIL - Large company

Carrefour will inaugurate the School's 1st Business Deep Dive and provide scholarships to selected students

As of the beginning of the new school year, Carrefour, committed to an ambitious digital transformation, will inaugurate the school's first Business Deep Dive, by sharing concrete cases of data use and mobilizing its teams to give courses.
Our students will thus be able to understand the keys to the world leader in retail: the company's positioning and value chain, its market, customer relations, logistical challenges, the cyclicality of sales, the development of e-commerce and the financial aspects of retail.

This partnership also includes the financing by Carrefour of scholarships for students who will join the Bachelor program.

Carrefour is an international group specialized in mass retailing. Pioneer of the hypermarket concept, the group is today the largest employer in France.




WeMaintain is partnering with Albert School in the second Business Deep Dive to address IoT with students.

Beginning in September 2022, students at the school will meet with WeMaintain's data teams to share the startup's expertise in data collection and analysis, particularly through the IoT (Internet of Things) modules installed on campus elevators. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the technology that refers to all sensors and objects - excluding smartphones and tablets - connected to the Internet to inform the user of the status of the device they are associated with. In each building, equipment requiring mandatory maintenance such as elevators, fire systems, automatic doors, air conditioning and heating are installed. WeMaintain operates on the latter, as there are many problems.
WeMaintain was co-founded more than 4 years ago by Benoît Dupont, Jade Francine and Tristan Foureur based on the principle that it was necessary to rethink all value chains. The objective was to provide clients with equipment reliability, economic gains and data that would allow them not only to monitor, but also to implement relevant ESG actions according to the use of the buildings.
WeMaintain rethinks the working conditions of technicians to bring them on board, designs agnostic sensors to collect data from equipment, and develops a suite of software from field application to customer platform.
WeMaintain's mission is written into its articles of association: it is to bring the best of human and technology to the heart of buildings. It guides its 160 employees in three countries: France, Singapore and England, and has convinced the investment funds that have accompanied it in its three rounds of financing.

Wines and Spirits


Large company

Pernod Ricard is a partner of Albert School and its second Bachelor Business & Data class

For Pierre-Yves Calloc'h, Chief Digital Officer of Pernod Ricard, who has been with the Group for 19 years, data is essential at the heart of this large international group to address millions of consumers around the world, to master the complexity linked to the large number of brands and distributors in each country, and the multitude of acquisition channels. For the past two years, the Group has been building teams on several continents, multidisciplinary business and data (marketing, promotion...) but also focused on data only, composed of data scientists, data engineers, Machine Learning engineers.

Why this partnership? Pernod Ricard recruits mixed business and data profiles, who are able to speak, understand and be able to apply the different domains, to arrive at solutions that are usable on a daily basis, for example a marketer to make better decisions, a sales person who goes out into the field to visit different points of sale...

Pernod Ricard, the world's No. 2 in Wines and Spirits with consolidated sales of €10,701 million in 2021/22, owns 17 of the world's top 100 spirits brands and has one of the most prestigious and diversified portfolios in the sector: more than240 of its premium brands are distributed in over 160 markets. This portfolio includes Absolut vodka, Ricard pastis, Ballantine's, Chivas Regal, Royal Salute and The Glenlivet Scotch whiskies, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Martell cognac, Havana Club rum, Beefeater gin, Malibu liqueur and Mumm and Perrier-Jouët champagnes. In line with its CSR roadmap "Preserve to Share", the Group's mission is to cultivate the magic of human relations in a sustainable, responsible approach that creates value over the long term. Its decentralized organization enables its 19,480 employees to act as ambassadors of an inclusive and meaningful conviviality. Implementing its Transform & Accelerate strategic plan, Pernod Ricard now relies on its "Conviviality Platform", a new model for profitable growth that enables constant adaptation to consumer needs through the use of data and artificial intelligence.

real estate


Large company

Reinventing the real estate business through data

This is the challenge for Emeria, the European leader in residential real estate services. Committed to a profound digital transformation for the past 4 years, Emeria's goal is to become a customer-centric technology company.

Florent Seine, Emeria's Chief Data Officer, looks back at the Group's digital transformation and explains why it is fundamental to have data skills in order to make decisions independently. If the tools of this digital transformation are developed by a team composed of data scientists, data engineers and data analysts, the data collected irrigates all the functions and guides all the projects. "Initiatives like those of Albert School are initiatives that we can only encourage."

Emeria - formerly Groupe Foncia - is the leading provider of condominium management, rental management and property rental services in Germany, Belgium and France.




PAYFIT, 23rd unicorn of French Tech, supports Albert School

PayFit publishes payroll software and HR solutions for small businesses and operates in France, Germany, England and Spain. Florian Fournier, Co-founder & Deputy CEO, is looking for data skills for all departments at Payfit.

In this video, he explains why PayFit partners with Albert School.




What if data was put to the service of justice? Answer with Doctrine.

Making law more accessible thanks to data is the mission of Doctrine, Albert School's first legal intelligence platform.

Much more than a documentary database, Doctrine offers innovative legal solutions to ever more demanding clients or managers thanks to a centralized, contextualized, and updated information platform. The legal intelligence platform that allows legal professionals to know, master and act with certainty on the legal environment of a case thanks to data from the latest case law, legal texts and administrative doctrine.

According to Guillaume Carrère, CEO of Doctrine, data is absolutely central in the legal profession: legal professionals, lawyers, jurists need to have access to continuous information to understand and interpret the law, but also to anticipate the next legislative evolutions and to know which court decisions have been rendered. This year, Doctrine is recruiting 40 data professionals (data engineers, data analysts, data ops...). The creation of Albert School answers a real need since there are not enough profiles that master data.




Treating yourself with data: that's Jow's approach

Eat better, waste less and consume in a more responsible and reasonable way. From recipe inspiration, to shopping done for you, to meal preparation, Jow reinvents the way we eat every day with a service accessible to all.

For Jacques-Edouard Sabatier, CEO and co-founder of Jow, data is fundamental to build the product and convince partners. It is part of the daily life of each team, technical, business and food. "Today, we can no longer do without data, so Albert School's proposal is hyper interesting."




Data for marketing performance

According to Aurélien Magnan, there is a real shortage of business and data talent for the performance marketing professions (Digital Analytics, Data Engineering, Data Analysis, AB Testing & Personalization, Social Listening, BI & Data Viz). Albert School clearly responds to a daily market problem, which is the lack of business and data skills.

Elevate is a consulting agency specialized in Analytics and Data Marketing. Elevate supports its clients across the entire data value chain, from data collection to data unification, analysis, visualization and activation.




The future of data in agriculture is huge.

Ÿnsect is a French company specializing in the breeding of insects and their transformation into ingredients for domestic and farm animals, plants and humans. Founded in 2011 by four partners, scientists or environmental activists, Ÿnsect is a Next 40 company, certified B Corp. Ÿnsect wants to feed the planet with a contained environmental impact. Ÿnsect is the world leader in the production of natural insect proteins and fertilizers.

According to Antoine Hubert, President and CEO of Ÿnsect, data is everywhere. For example, sensors throughout the production system enable data to be acquired and predictive maintenance to be carried out. One billion data points are already generated every day in the Amiens plant. "What Albert School is building is exactly in line with what we're supporting, with the new professions in digital, tech, enterprise. "




Data in luxury to better meet customer expectations

Thanks to the combination of French know-how, innovation and tradition, Bernardaud has been the world leader in Limoges porcelain since 1863. Bernardaud uses data to create value and meet the expectations of its customers around the world. Knowing how to process data is a skill of the future, sought after by companies.

Bernardaud is partnering with Albert School to recruit the best profiles of tomorrow's managers, trained in business and data issues by top professors.

In this video, Charles Bernardaud, Chief Operating Officer, discusses the family-owned company's data challenges that enable it to grow its business internationally: "we use data to make progress in what we do every day."



Large company

LVMH and ALBERT SCHOOL: an educational partnership focused on data and AI professions

On the occasion of the educational partnership with Albert School, Michael David, Group Chief Omnichannel Officer of LVMH, presents the challenges of data within the LVMH Group and its 75 brands. He discusses the careers offered in the Group with data as an entry point, as well as the interest in hybrid profiles between business and data. Indeed, data and its use are critical issues for LVMH and its brands: from production performance to excellence in distribution and supply chain, including the personalization of customer relations.

LVMH or Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy is a French group specialized in luxury goods. Its market capitalization is the largest of the CAC40 and makes the company the world leader in luxury goods.



Large company

The role of learning, cognitive sciences, hard & soft skills and ethics in training programs

IBM Corporation or "International Business Machines Corporation" is an American multinational company founded in 1911. Specialized in the computer field, it is a pioneer in the computer hardware, software and services sector and is one of the leaders.

According to David Sebaoun, Director of AI and Blockchain at IBM, training programs, especially in higher education, must adapt to take into account the evolution of data use and develop specific skills to be able to exploit, analyze and interpret data.

Home delivery



Data and quick commerce or how to deliver in only 15 minutes

"Cajoo's strength is to offer its customers the products they need as quickly as possible, and naturally, the use of data is key because it allows us to optimize our flows and better understand our customers. We need profiles that understand both the business challenges and know how to use data: Albert School is tackling this problem and that's great news! "Henri Capoul | Founder of Cajoo  

The French quick delivery startup, which launched in 2021, has already attracted more than 350,000 customers, thanks to its ultra-fast delivery service in several major cities in France.




Data in insurance: anticipate and satisfy.

"Data is the core business of Luko. Obviously as an insurer to enable risk management but also and above all to better understand and serve our customers (automatic claims management, personalized services...). I'm an engineer, I have a basic knowledge of engineering, but the skill-set that is most useful on a day-to-day basis is data. Data feeds the business and is fed by the business: Albert's approach is to combine the two, which is what we need to do today. "Raphaël Vullierme | CEO of Luko

Luko is a leading home insurance company in France. Thanks to a strong expansion policy, the company is now present in several countries in Europe



large company

"Those who have the dual business and data skills will be the winners of tomorrow."

Jean-François Cirelli, Chairman of BlackRock, and former Chairman and CEO of Gaz de France, shares his vision and experience on the need for knowledge and control of data in decision making, in an interview with Grégoire Genest, CEO and co-founder of Albert School.

Data is now considered essential at BlackRock and is a must for investment choices: from disparate...




Data to manage the decentralization of expenses

"Data is at the heart of our business at Spendesk and the understanding of business issues is fundamental to serve our customers better. It is no longer possible to be efficient today without a common approach to data and business and yet very few training courses offer this Data and Business approach. It's good news that Albert School has decided to tackle this problem. "Rodolphe Ardant | Founder of Spendesk    

Spendesk is a French unicorn specialized in the service of small and medium enterprises. It supports more than 3500 companies in the optimization of their business expenses management (payment cards, supplier invoices, expense reports, budgets, etc.).




Data to anticipate and understand consumer needs

"Mastering data is an essential key to enabling technology to meet the great challenges of today. As a global technology group, Rakuten has integrated it into all its businesses to better analyze behavioral trends, anticipate consumer needs and provide unique solutions. Albert School carries this pragmatic vision of qualified professionals who understand both business and data issues. Finally!" Fabien Versaveau | President and CEO of Rakuten France.

Rakuten is a shopping platform offering its 12 million members a catalog of 200 million new and second-hand products, as well as the most generous loyalty program in French e-commerce, the Club R.




Data at the heart of our strategies and innovations

79 (Havas Group) is an expert agency in media strategy, adtech and data marketing since 2008. It supports brands in all aspects of their communication transformation. Born out of digital, 79 extends the use of data to all media to deploy effective and innovative omnichannel communications and advanced data marketing projects. With nearly 70 experts and over 50 clients, 79 has references such as PMU, Club Med, Bpifrance, Caisse des Dépôts, Société Générale Produits de Bourse, La Mutuelle Générale, Orange, Tinder, Blizzard, Sega, Petit Bateaux, Point S,, Dr Pierre Ricaud, Yves Rocher, Engie Solutions, Transavia...

"Cultivating excellence and efficiency at the heart of each of its actions, 79 is delighted to be able to partner with Albert School, the first 100% Data Driven Business School",
Stéphane GORRE, founder of the agency.




Data in the restaurant industry with Big Mamma and Sunday

"To develop a restaurant group like a payment platform, success depends on our ability to find, convince and grow talent. People capable of creating business very tactically but also of handling and exploiting data, this is the promise of ALBERT and I am delighted to see the emergence of an institution designed to meet our needs. "Victor Lugger | founder of Big Mamma and Sunday

The Big Mamma group is a chain of restaurants present in 4 countries. Thanks to short supply chains, this restaurant start-up is showing impressive growth. Spin-off of the Italian restaurant chain Big Mamma, Sunday has developed a QR code payment solution for restaurants, cafés, bars and hotels. More than 1500 restaurants have been conquered. With a $100 million Series A round of funding, the Atlanta-based startup hopes to expand its geographic presence in North America and Europe Sunday.


Would you like to help build the education of tomorrow?

We are always looking for companies and institutions that can help our students understand the world of tomorrow.

Our pedagogy is based on business cases co-created with leading companies in their sector. If you would like to be part of this approach and help our students learn about business issues through the issues of your company, please contact us. You can send us an email at

All our partners benefit from an early access to ALBERT SCHOOL students before the end of their curriculum


To learn more about the Albert School Excellence Scholarship and to help one of our new students with their tuition, please email us at:



St. Albert School is supported by prestigious shareholders such as Xavier Niel, Bernard Arnault and Pierre-Édouard Stérin.

They ensure that the school remains true to its mission: to train the leaders of tomorrow.
To do this, they ensure:
The adequacy between the educational program and the needs of the companies
The high level of selection at the entrance to the school
And the respect of the diversity of the educational content requirement

Xavier niel

Bernard Arnault

Pierre-Édouard Stérin

Xavier Niel, founder and chairman of Iliad supports Albert School and explains why.

Xavier Niel, Founder of Free - Iliad Group, is going back to school and he chose Albert School... In this video, Xavier Niel shares his vision and experience on the need for talent trained in data to be the leaders of tomorrow.



VOODOO, CONTENTSQUARE, VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE, VEEPEE, PAYFIT, JELLYSMACK, MANOMANO and their founders intend to assert the urgency of the emergence of a new generation of executives, capable of understanding, exploiting and valorizing data to improve the performance of companies.

This fundraising from major players in the Tech ecosystem reflects a shared desire to see innovation permeate higher education and thoroughly renew the methods and content of training offered to young people, in a context of talent shortage.

Jonathan CHERKI

Founder and CEO

Maximilian BITTNER

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President and CEI

Philippe de CHANVILLE

Founder and CEO


Co-founder and deputy-CEO

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Founder and CEO

Alexandre YAZDI

Founder and CEO

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