Exchange at HEC Montréal with Albert School!

Going on a university exchange is a highly enriching experience that enables students to discover new cultures,improve their language skills andbroaden their academic horizons. St. Albert School offers its students the chance to experience this adventure at a number of partner universities. These include HEC Montréal, which stands out for its academic excellence, international outlook and dynamic student life.

How does this academic exchange with HEC Montréal - Albert School fit in with our programs?

As an Albert School student in the Grande Ecole program, you will have the opportunity to go to HEC Montréal in 3rd year, and in the International BBA program you can go inyear 2bis or in 3rd year.

An immersive experience in the heart of Montreal

HEC Montreal is ideally located in North America's largest French-speaking city, offering a unique blend of culture, history and diversity. As an exchange student, you'll have the opportunity to live to the rhythm of this dynamic metropolis, explore its iconic neighborhoods, savor its renowned multicultural cuisine and take part in numerous cultural and artistic events. What's more, Montreal is also an ideal base from which to explore Canada's natural wonders, such as its national parks and magnificent surrounding landscapes.

What courses can Albert School students take at HEC Montréal?

During your exchange semester, you'll have access to a diverse range of courses taught by renowned professors, includingeconomics, business analytics, international business, entrepreneurship, finance and marketing. Courses are taught in French, English or Spanish.

HEC Montreal is a renowned institution of higher learning, recognized for its academic excellence and specialization in management and business.

You'll immerse yourself in a stimulating learning environment, conducive to intellectual exchange and the acquisition of in-depth knowledge. What's more, HEC Montreal offers research and internship opportunities that will enable you to apply your skills and expand your professional network.

A rich and fulfilling student life

Student life at HEC Montreal is vibrant and stimulating. As an exchange student, you'll have the opportunity to join clubs and student associations that match your interests and passions. These extra-curricular activities will give you a valuable opportunity to meet local students, forge lasting friendships and get involved in rewarding projects. What's more, Montreal has a lively nightlife, with a vibrant cultural and music scene to keep you entertained and discover new forms of artistic expression.

Benefits for your professional career

An exchange stay at HEC Montreal will bring significant benefits to your professional career. First of all, you'll develop a valuable skill: the ability toadapt to an international, multicultural environment. This ability will be highly valued by employers in an increasingly globalized business world. What's more, HEC Montreal maintains close ties with local companies and organizations, offering internship and networking opportunities. These valuable contacts will enable you to familiarize yourself with the Canadian job market andexplore new career prospects. Albert School's International BBA program will give you the opportunity to continue your experience in Canada by offering you a 6 to 12 month internship abroad.


An exchange at HEC Montreal is an experience that combines cultural discovery, academic excellence and a rich student life. You'll have the chance to immerse yourself in the multicultural metropolis of Montreal, explore the beautiful surrounding countryside and benefit from the expertise of a renowned institution in the field of management. What's more, this international experience will bring undeniable advantages to your professional career, opening up new opportunities and developing your adaptability.

Seize this unique opportunity to grow personally and professionally by embarking on this rewarding adventure at HEC Montreal.

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