"Education is what remains after you forget what you learned in school."

Albert does more than prepare for a job. Our raison d'être is to train the talents that will make a difference.

In the age of data, the school prepares tomorrow's leaders to acquire the key skills of the 21st century. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and the use of smartphones have revolutionised the world and the way we interact. Behind these platforms and concepts are new ways of communicating, doing business, teaching and understanding the world, which require a change of mindset.

Albert Einstein | Scientist of genius

This involves the development of key competencies:

#1 Solving complex open-ended problems

#2 Critical thinking

#3 productivity

#4 Collaboration

Our vision

Albert School was born from the vision of its three founders, Grégoire GENEST, Matthieu HEURTEL and Mathieu SCHIMPL, all three graduates of the best French Grandes Écoles (X, HEC, ENS).

To do this, they interviewed many of the business leaders who are supporting Albert School to create a school that can provide the talent they need, now and in the future. Indeed, according to the World Economic Forum, 65% of today's school leavers will be employed in jobs that do not yet exist. These talents must be able to master the business and speak the language of data.

Measuring the gap between the traditional training of excellence and the operational expectations of companies, they wanted to develop a breakthrough training, in line with the challenges of its time and as close as possible to the expectations of the business world.

They have also surrounded themselves with the best teachers, who also aspire to create a new type of school. Sometimes entrepreneurs themselves, they are also convinced that business has a role to play in the school.

The Albert School project is resolutely focused on the student, his or her personal and professional success.


For a new generation of data literate* business leaders

We are the children of data. The explosion of computing power, the increase in storage capacity, the expansion of networks and the rise of the cloud have transformed data into a source of limitless information and intelligence.

It is the black gold of our time and the cement of our world.

We believe that the future belongs to data-literate leaders. Successful companies are no longer content to simply use data; they are basing or completely rebuilding their models on it. More than ever, they need managers who combine mastery of the language of data with business management expertise and leadership skills.


The world is changing. Education and training must change. ALBERT is born of these new dynamics. ◆◆

ALBERT is the first data-centric Business School. Our mission is to train the new generation of managers, capable of understanding, exploiting and enhancing the value of data.

ALBERT delivers an education of excellence. We design a complete curriculum, divided between the quantitative spirit of data and the culture of business sense, hard skills and soft skills.

ALBERT integrates companies, from its governance to its teaching programme. Our students are in constant contact with professionals from large groups, unicorns and startups because we believe that nothing can replace real-life business experience.

ALBERT deploys a data-driven pedagogy that helps students to develop new skills and to progressively specialise. We ensure an effective education focused on case studies and the acquisition of operational knowledge.

ALBERT recruits students with a strong analytical mindset, who enjoy working collaboratively and want to understand business issues. We practice a rigorous selection process that values diversity.

ALBERT trains personalities for our century. We transmit a philosophy that is sensitive to social and environmental issues and teach the concern to create businesses with shared benefits.

Our ambition is clear: to train the new, fulfilled talents that our economies need today.

The School's values guide our mission on a daily basis and are expressed through a pedagogical vision that brings them together. ◆◆


Our students cultivate high standards and always strive to surpass themselves.
Albert selects its teachers and partner companies with high standards.


Around concrete cases, our students develop a pragmatic agility that favours efficiency and reactivity. Our students are actors in their education.


Always be learning
Our students are always eager to learn and discover new possibilities and proactively explore them.


Our students use their creativity to create value by being resolutely forward-looking and looking to the world of tomorrow

Our name

The St. Albert School owes the origin of its name to Albert Einstein, a genius scientist and personality of the 20th century according to Time. ◆◆

Albert Einstein | Scientist of genius

"Education is what remains after you forget what you learned in school."

This quote from Albert Einstein inspires us every day. It urges us to invent another type of school of excellence in the age of data, to welcome and train mathematical minds, to prepare them to help shape the future and meet the needs of today's companies.

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