Digital marketing manager: to have a marketing strategy on the Internet


The digital marketing manager exploits all the digital levers: advertising, referencing, social networks and emailing to acquire and retain customers with the best possible ROI (return on investment). 

He designs new digital products and services with his internal or external teams and thus aims to maximize the points of contact between the Internet user and the brand.

Its missions

  1. Design of a marketing strategy: design offers and concepts related to digital using all available channels
  2. Design and launch new services
  3. Set up a strategic watch to understand the current trends and dynamics related to the use of the Internet

Its key competencies

  • Know the tools to generate audience, awareness, revenue and sales of products and services 
  • Know how to manage a team and a project 
  • Ability to communicate well with all people in the company

The salary

Beginner 2-5 years old Expert (+5 years)
35 000 - 40 000 40 000 - 45 000 45 000 - 60 000

An inspiring digital marketing manager

Ann Handley is one of the pioneers of digital marketing. She is also a writer and speaker. Today, she inspires marketers to learn methods that get real results. She has worked in marketing for over 25 years. 

She is named by Forbes as the most influential woman in social media and named by ForbesWoman as one of the top 20 bloggers.

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