Strategy consultant: the external expertise of a company.


At many stages of their development, companies are faced with dilemmas that require them to make important decisions: launching a new product, modifying their commercial policy, going public, defining a technological strategy. The set of missions can be very varied. The strategy consultant is the one who will help his companies to make the right decisions. 

The strategy consultant shapes a tailor-made action plan for the company. He will have to appropriate the constraints and possibilities of the companies, while taking a step back to be able to propose the best scenarios. Moreover, he will take the time to do an analysis and monitoring work to have all the keys in hand to make these decisions. 

Its missions

  1. Propose innovative and efficient solutions to solve the various problems encountered by the company
  2. Ensure the follow-up of the project by regularly presenting the progress of the project and the intermediate and final results
  3. Carry out daily monitoring, particularly of competition and legislation. 

Its key competencies

  • A good command of the management and the strategy of the organizations are necessary
  • Analytical skills are required: analyzing figures and establishing quantitative strategies are part of the consultants' subjects
  • Good interpersonal skills and the ability to listen are important

The salary

Beginner 2-5 years old Expert (+5 years)
45 000 - 55 000 60 000 - 80 000 85 000 - 150 000

An inspiring strategy consultant

Michael Porter is an American researcher and professor of business strategy who also works as a strategy consultant. He has defined an analytical framework to define how a company can gain competitive advantage by mastering the forces that shape its competitive environment better than its competitors. This method is called Porter's Five Forces.

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