Business analyst : To make the numbers understandable


Sometimes called a business analyst or functional consultant, the business analyst is responsible for analyzing figures. His/her goal: to make them intelligible to the greatest number of people and to draw out improvement perspectives for the company. 

It will analyze the financial mechanisms, marketing and markets. This will allow to understand how the company is positioned in its competitive universe and to understand how finance and marketing can be optimized. In other words, the business analyst will provide visibility on what works and what doesn't work with competitors and in the behavior of its customers in order to build a long-term strategy and guide the teams, especially sales teams. 

Its missions

  1. Analyze sales results and implement monitoring and forecasting tools related to sales
  2. Conducting market research and monitoring to implement strategic recommendations
  3. Act as an interface between the operational departments and the IT department

Its key competencies

  • Be analytical
  • Know how to listen and communicate with pedagogy 
  • Have a good mind for synthesis 

The salary

For this profession, we also add between 5 and 15% of variable salary, based on the objectives

Beginner 2-5 years old Expert (+5 years)
42 000 - 53 000 44 000 - 57 000 48 000 - 75 000

An inspiring business analyst

Mary Poppendieck began her career as a business analyst improving processes, then managed the IT department of a manufacturing plant, before moving into product development, where she was both a product champion and department manager.

Mary compared her experience in software and product development with the prevailing views on how to manage software development projects, and decided it was time for a new paradigm. She wrote the book Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit in 2003 to explain how lean principles offer a better approach to software development.

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