Project Manager Web3: to manage Web3 projects in the company


The Web3 project manager is a person in charge of leading Web3 projects in the company. Like any project manager, it is the person who organizes and leads the different phases of the project for which he is responsible. But here it is the Web3 projects that he will manage. These projects are either inside a company whose core business is not Web3 but which is interested in developing projects in this new sector or a company whose business is by construction in the Web3

The project manager must adapt to different situations and assume the various problems that may arise. He is the guarantor of the success of a project. He/she must define the project and plan it well. The number of job offers in this new sector is increasing rapidly. 

Its missions

  1. Follow the design of the project: understand the customer's needs, the success criteria, the division of the project into sub-projects (what we call lots
  2. Manage and coordinate the teams to ensure that the project runs smoothly
  3. Deliver the project at the quality level expected by the client

Its key competencies

  • The Web3 project manager must master and understand the Web3 universe: cryptocurrency, blockchain, DAO, Metaverse and NFT have no more secrets for him. The Web3 project manager must also have a great desire to learn as the technologies in this field are evolving rapidly. 
  • Communication skills: the project manager must be able to present his ideas and results both inside the company, to defend the project to his superiors, and outside the company, if the client is outside the company.
  • Management : The project manager will follow the team associated with his project and will therefore have to have the right management qualities to ensure that the project runs smoothly.  

The salary

Since this position is new and the data is too small to be meaningful, we have based ourselves on the salary of a classic project manager. It is possible that the salary of a Web3 project manager is higher. 

Beginner 2-5 years old Expert (+5 years)
35 000 - 42 000 42 000 - 48 000 48 000 - 75 000

An inspiring Web3 project manager

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin had the project manager's hat on when he created his blockchain, which expands Bitcoin's capabilities and created the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization. 

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