Product Data Manager: working at the border between data and product


The role of the Product Data Manager is essential for the company. This new job consists in collecting and exploiting data to contribute to the development of new or existing products. We can therefore say that this role is at the border between the Data Analyst and the Product Manager. 

The product data manager will therefore try to use the data to make rational decisions and thus choose the best possible solutions. This notion of using data permanently in decisions is what makes the difference between a product manager and a data product manager

Its missions

  1. Collect and analyze data for new product design and development
  2. Define the vision of its product and a roadmap that will allow it to achieve its objectives
  3. Facilitate communication between different parts of the company: management, engineers, analysts, other product teams and buyers

Its key competencies

  • Analyzing data is the main technical skill needed by the product data manager
  • Good communication and leadership skills 
  • Ability to take stock and synthesize
  • Master the tools and methods of product design

The salary

Beginner 2-5 years old Expert (+5 years)
38 000 - 45 000 45 000 - 60 000 60 000 - 75 000

An inspiring product data manager

Nick Caldwell is VP of engineering at Twitter, responsible for all consumer-facing products. Prior to that, he worked as a product and engineering manager at Looker (acquired by Google) and as VP of engineering at Reddit. He also spent 13 years at Microsoft. He often presents product news on his Twitter account, and with humor. 

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