Trader: Trader and expert on the financial markets


A trader is a specialist in the financial markets who concludes transactions by buying and selling financial products on behalf of his bank, his brokerage firm or his clients.

The trader must master the techniques of financial analysis and be able to make quick decisions. He must also be able to manage his stress and take calculated risks.

The trader works in the trading room, alongside the salesperson, who manages customer relations. After each transaction, the back office controls the execution of orders, the transfer of securities and the collection of sales. 

Its missions

  1. A trader must analyze the financial markets and economic trends to determine where to invest.
  2. A trader has to manage his investment portfolio and make decisions about which stocks, bonds or other financial instruments to buy and sell.
  3. A trader must monitor the fluctuations of the financial markets and act quickly when there are buying or selling opportunities.

Its key competencies

  • Be able to manage stress 
  • Enjoy working with numbers. The trader uses sophisticated mathematical models. 
  • Stay focused in all circumstances.

The salary

Salaries are considered excluding bonuses, as these bonuses vary greatly depending on the context.

Beginner 2-5 years old Expert (+5 years)
39 000 - 70 000 50 000 - 90 000 80 000 - 125 000

An inspiring trader

William Eckhardt is a PhD in mathematics who thought he would take a short detour into trading before returning to mathematics... except he never really returned to mathematics officially! He started his career on the trading floor, then became interested in trading theory and systems.

His success leads him to manage capital for others, which he does very well. His attachment to science leads him in parallel to quantum mechanics, the theory of evolution and the nature of time.

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