Data Scientist: For math and code enthusiasts


The data scientist is a data professional, responsible for collecting, analyzing and interpreting data in order to use it to make strategic decisions in a company. The data scientist must have an excellent command of data collection and analysis tools, as well as statistical learning techniques. They must also be able to communicate their results to non-data specialists.

The data scientist is a highly sought-after profile, as companies increasingly need qualified professionals to process their data. According to a study conducted by IBM, the number of data science job openings increased ninefold between 2010 and 2015 and continues to grow every year.

Its missions

  1. Develop predictive models to anticipate trends 
  2. Interpret data to extract knowledge and recommendations.
  3. Creation of dashboards to make the results visible and usable by all the businesses.

Its key competencies

  • Very good level in mathematics and statistics
  • Programming skills: mastering the Python language is essential for the Data Scientist
  • Know how to communicate with the different teams in the company
  • Understand the challenges of a business and its sector

The salary

Beginner 2-5 years old Expert (+5 years)
38 000 - 50 000 50 000 - 60 000 60 000 - 90 000

An inspiring data scientist

There are many inspiring data scientists out there, but one that stands out from the rest is Hilary Mason. Hilary is a data scientist and the co-founder of Fast Forward Labs. Prior to founding this company, she was Chief data scientist for 4 years at Bitly. She is also a research scientist at the Center for Data Science at New York University. Hilary's work focuses on machine learning and data mining. 

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