The data professions

Have you ever wondered what are the jobs related to data? In this introductory article, we will present you some of these jobs. Starting next week, we will focus on each of these jobs every Monday to go into a little more detail!

Many jobs are rather technical

Most data jobs require a lot of technical knowledge. Among these jobs, we can mention the data engineer who will create data pipelines - pipes - to feed the various use cases. Another example is the data architect , who will create the right architecture, i.e. the right way to organize the data, so that the data flows smoothly! A job historically considered as technical is that of the data scientist. Using the data provided by the data engineer, he or she will create algorithms, particularly machine learning algorithms, which will help the company on a daily basis.

In finance, we will think of the quant who will use mathematical models to make the best financial decisions!

Other professions are more business oriented

The first job that comes to mind is the business analyst, who will be in charge of using data on a daily basis to better understand the business. Then, and his position is often not so far from the business analyst nor too far from the data scientist, it is the data analyst. The latter will help, as his name indicates, to make the right analyses to understand the business. He will also be able to use machine learning models to do his analyses - but with simpler models than the data scientist. He will also have to create data-visualizations, dashboards to represent the data in the right way and make it accessible information!

On the financial side, we think of the trader who uses the data at his disposal to draw indicators. From these indicators, he will then make buying or selling decisions.

Often, these jobs are at the crossroads between business and technology

The job that we think of most directly, straddling business and technology, is the data evangelist. There is nothing religious behind this term of course! This is the person who will make the link between the very technical people in the company and the rest of the company, who often do not know the potential of data. He or she will therefore spread the word, in particular so that data can help the various entities of the company as well as the business. 

When it is clear that his role is to directly help the business, we can then talk about the job of business data scientist whose goal is to create algorithms that directly serve the business. 

We even have purely legal jobs! The DPO (Data Privacy Officer) will be in charge of dealing with all legal aspects related to data.

This link between business and technology creates new professions

The need for the data team not to be stuck in its ivory tower has led to the emergence of new professions. Most data professions now have a strong need to understand the business. For some time now, we have been talking about the job ofanalytics engineer, a job on the borderline between data analyst and data engineer, who will have the dual skills of data engineer - and therefore be able to create their own data flows - and data analyst. He will therefore create his own data flows, make the automations he needs and create the analyses that the business needs.

And to orchestrate all these jobs? The CDO (chief data officer) or Head of Data, depending on the company, will be the one in charge of leading the data teams.

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