Project Manager: to orchestrate projects in the company


The project manager is the person who organizes and leads the different phases of the project for which he is responsible. He is the one who must adapt to the different situations and assume the different problems that may arise. He is the guarantor of the success of a project, the project manager is required to define the project well and to plan it. 

The job of project manager can have different areas of expertise: project manager in IT, data, construction, communication, ... But the purpose is the same: to lead a project from start to finish and ensure its smooth running

Its missions

  1. Follow the design of the project: understand the customer's needs, the success criteria, the division of the project into sub-projects (what we call lots
  2. Manage and coordinate the teams to ensure that the project runs smoothly
  3. Deliver the project at the quality level expected by the client

Its key competencies

  • Technical skills: he must master the technical skills related to the sector in which he is project manager. For example, if we are talking about programming, he must know the languages used, without necessarily knowing how to code in all these languages, he must know their advantages and disadvantages
  • Communication skills: the project manager must be able to present his ideas and results both inside the company, to defend the project to his superiors, and outside the company, if the client is outside the company.
  • Management : The project manager will follow the team associated with his project and will therefore have to have the right management qualities to ensure that the project runs smoothly.  

The salary

Beginner 2-5 years old Expert (+5 years)
35 000 - 42 000 42 000 - 48 000 48 000 - 75 000

An inspiring project manager

CEOs of large companies are project managers on the biggest projects. One example is Bill Gates who started out as a project manager for his own company and was able to lead his company to success because of his good project management skills.

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