Reorienting after a business preparatory course. How do I go about it?

Have you attended an ECG or ECE business school preparatory class (classe préparatoire aux grandes écoles de commerce), but feel that your current path doesn't match your personal and professional aspirations? Do you feel that your CPGE apprenticeship is too theoretical, and would like to choose a course that is closer to what companies are looking for in the job market? It's perfectly normal to want to explore other opportunities and reorient yourself towards a career more in line with your interests and ambitions.

A business preparatory program opens the door to a number of different courses.

I. Understanding the reasons for reorienting after a business preparatory course

After spending several years in the ECE or ECG preparatory programs, many students feel the need to reorient themselves for a variety of reasons. Some common motivations include:

  • A desire to explore new avenues: Business preparatory courses offer a general education in business and management, but some students aspire to deepen their knowledge in other fields such as marketing, finance, entrepreneurship or data.
  • Acquiring specific skills: Some students realize that they want to develop specific skills to stand out in the job market, such as mastery of data analysis, technical skills or particular sector expertise.
  • Adapting to the new challenges of the professional world: The needs of the job market are changing rapidly, and some students realize that their preparatory courses in business school do not fully meet the current demands of the professional world.

II. Alternatives to preparatory business studies

If you're thinking of changing direction after a business preparatory course, there are several interesting alternatives to consider:

Parallel admissions to business schools

Some business schools offer parallel admissions for students with a business preparatory diploma. These schools offer a more specialized, hands-on approach, alternative teaching methods and internationalization opportunities.

University courses

Universities offer a variety of management and business courses, often more focused on theoretical fundamentals and multidisciplinarity. These courses can offer greater flexibility in the choice of subjects, and allow students to explore related fields such as sociology, psychology or foreign languages.

Albert School, a school of excellence for reorienting your career

Albert School, founded by successful entrepreneurs such as Xavier Niel, Bernard Arnault and Pierre-Édouard Stérin (and 8 CEOs of French unicorns), offers a hybrid education between business and data. The school stands out for its innovative pedagogical approach and hands-on learning environment. Albert School offers a stimulating alternative for students wishing to reorient themselves after a business preparatory course.

Albert School offers a 5-year Grande École program, with subjects at the crossroads between business and engineering schools, including courses in mathematics, finance, marketing and data. The business and data curricula enable students to acquire invaluable skills that are highly prized on the job market. Students benefit from personalized teaching, internships and work-study placements, and work on concrete projects such as business deep dives (LVMH, Carrefour, DGSE), enabling them to develop practical skills that are in demand by employers.

Studying at Albert School has many advantages for students changing careers. These include:

  • Hybrid approach to business and data: Albert School combines business education with a solid background in data, offering unique expertise that is in demand on the job market.
  • Personalized, hands-on teaching: Students benefit from individualized support from experienced teachers. Concrete projects and internships enable theoretical knowledge to be applied in a real-world environment.
  • Promising career opportunities: Albert School graduates are well prepared for careers in high-demand fields such as data analysis, project management and digital marketing. The school also nurtures industrial partnerships, which enhance students' employability.

To find out more about Albert School click here.

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