What courses are not included in Parcoursup?


Graduating from high school marks a crucial stage in the life of every student. However, choosing the path to higher education can be a difficult decision. In the French system, Parcoursup is the platform that centralizes registrations for higher education. Although it offers a wide range of courses, Parcoursup has limitations that can leave some students dissatisfied with their choices and with no apparent solutions directly on the platform. That's why it's essential to know about alternatives outside Parcoursup.

The limits of Parcoursup

Parcoursup is a complex platform that can be difficult for students to navigate. Limited wish lists, strict quotas and strong competition can be a source of frustration and disappointment. What's more, students have to make important decisions about their future without always having sufficient information about the courses on offer. This uncertainty can lead to anxiety among high school students, who may find themselves forced to choose courses that don't really match their aspirations.

The advantages of non-Parcoursup courses

Non-Parcoursup courses offer an interesting alternative for students looking for options better suited to their career plans. These courses stand out for their diversity and specificity. By opting for training outside Parcoursup, students can turn to specialized establishments, offering unique programs focused on specific fields. This enables them to train in specific sectors and acquire cutting-edge skills.

Albert School, training the leaders of tomorrow's economy

Among the non-Parcoursup schools that deserve special attention, Albert School stands out for its innovative approach and groundbreaking pedagogical proposition. Albert School is a higher education school founded by successful entrepreneurs such as Bernard Arnault (LVMH), Xavier Niel (Free), Pierre-Édouard Stérin (Smartbox), Rodolphe Saadé (CMA CGM), Marc Simoncini (meetic) and Denis Philipon (Voyage Privé), offering a hybrid education between business and data. By combining these two fast-growing fields, Albert School offers students a multi-disciplinary education in tune with the needs of the job market.

Albert School's programs are designed to meet the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow's economy, which is increasingly faced with data and digital issues. Students have the opportunity to acquire skills in management, marketing, finance and mathematics, while learning about data processing technologies and tools. This unique approach enables them to develop a hybrid profile that stands out from traditional business and engineering school profiles, and is increasingly sought after by companies.

By choosing Albert School, students benefit from specific advantages offered by a school outside Parcoursup. First of all, the school stands out for its flexibility and open-mindedness. Unlike the courses offered on Parcoursup, Albert School favors a diversity of profiles and backgrounds. In addition to their appetite for mathematics, students are assessed on their motivation, intellectual curiosity and potential.

What's more, Albert School offers personalized support and a hands-on approach to teaching. Small class sizes encourage exchanges between students and teachers, and allow for individualized follow-up. Classes are designed to be interactive, and students are encouraged to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Finally, Albert School has established strong partnerships with leading companies such as LVMH, Edmond de Rothschild, Carrefour, Google, SNCF and many others. This offers students opportunities for internships and jobs in stimulating professional environments. These collaborations enable them to gain hands-on experience and develop their professional network during their student years.


Faced with the limitations of Parcoursup, it's essential to know about non-Parcoursup courses that offer interesting alternatives for students. Albert School stands out as aninnovative higher education institution, offering business and data programs tailored to the needs of today's job market. Thanks to its flexibility, personalized supervision and partnerships with companies, Albert School is a promising solution for students seeking quality higher education.

To find out more about what Albert School has to offer, click here.

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