What combination of specialties should I choose to enter the Albert School?

You are interested in joining Albert School but you don't know if the specialties you have chosen will allow you to integrate this school? Don't panic, we will answer all your questions on this subject!

Is it compulsory to take the mathematics speciality to enter the Albert School?

The speciality is in no way compulsory to enter the Albert School. Of course it is a plus and it can help you pass the mathematics test at the entrance of the school. But it is not a prerequisite to be able to apply and integrate. 

It is common for middle and high school to discourage students from taking the math major. Many students later regret this choice, which closes many doors for them. At Albert School we prefer to give all students a chance to enter our school, whether they have a math major or not. The selection tests will allow us to find the people with the most potential, whether they have done mathematics or not in the past few years. 

In addition, Albert School offers a dedicated course for students who did not take the mathematics specialization at the baccalaureate to enable them to resume learning mathematics in good conditions.

No specialization is required to enter the Albert School

Good news for everyone: No specialization is mandatory to enter Albert School. You have no reason to regret the choices you made at the end of 10th grade and in 11th grade, as they will have no impact on your ability to enter Albert School. 

Note, however, two important elements. The first is that you need to have a genuine interest in mathematics and business as these two elements will be central to your learning at Albert School. The second element is that your ability to keep up with the math will be assessed through a logic and math test. In order to pass these tests, you will need a minimum level of math. However, someone who is interested in mathematics and has not taken this specialization can do well.  

What specialties do students who have entered the Albert School generally follow? 

The mathematics specialty was taken by a large majority of students. If you have not yet chosen your major, now is the time to check the mathematics box. No matter what you want to do in higher education, this choice will not harm you. 

What about a second specialty? Two optimal options for Albert School: 

  • The NSI specialization: it gives students a good understanding of the basics of programming, which is ideal for being able to do data. Understanding what an algorithm is, what a database is, and going deeper into a programming language like Python are all useful skills for a curriculum rooted in data. 
  • The SES speciality: This speciality allows students to understand what a market is, its mechanisms and the rules on which it is based. It allows students to understand the functioning and organization of companies and, more globally, the challenges of the contemporary world. If you are wondering if business interests you, the SES speciality may be a good choice. 

In summary: 

  • No specialization is required to enter the Albert School
  • The mathematics specialty was among the most popular among students who entered the Albert School
  • The NSI and SES specialties can be a plus and allow you to refine your choice of curriculum
  • For students who have not taken the math specialty, Albert School offers a dedicated pathway to enable students to resume math learning in a safe environment 

So rest assured, rather than your specialty, it is your potential assessed through the tests that will be decisive! 

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