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The higher education admissions process is often a crucial moment in a student's life. With the emergence of schools outside Parcoursup, students now have more choices and options to pursue their higher education.

I. School selectivity

Selectivity is a key criterion to consider when choosing a school outside Parcoursup, as it often reflects academic excellence. A selective school guarantees a stimulating and motivating academic environment for students. Students who attend these schools benefit from a well-rounded education and develop essential skills for their professional careers.

Beyond the academic environment, a selective school also offers prestige and recognition on the job market. Diplomas awarded by these schools are often more highly valued by employers, giving graduates a competitive edge when they enter the job market.

Schools outside Parcoursup use different selection criteria to choose the best candidates. They evaluate applicants' academic records, including transcripts and baccalaureate honors. Some schools also use motivational interviews and additional tests to assess applicants' skills and motivation.

Albert School, 2nd most selective school.

When it comes to selectivity, Albert School is on the podium of the rankings.

With an 11% admissions rate (admitted/applicant ratio), Albert School ranks 2nd in its first year, just behind a program fromEDHEC Business School, testifying to its academic excellence.

Albert School in the Top 10% of most attractive courses.

With a 45% selection rate (ratio of applicants to accepted applicants), Albert School is in the top 10. The comparison is based on public Open Data Parcoursup data and Albert School internal data.

Albert School, the school with the best "choice rate" to "admission rate" ratio

How do you rank schools? The KPI to track is the ratio of choice rate to admission rate = ((applicants * enrolled) / admitted^2) = 45% / 11% = 409%. And Albert School is already number one!

II. Listening to the opinions of students on these courses

The opinions of current and former students are a valuable resource for assessing the quality of a school. Their experiences and perspectives can provide a realistic insight into school life.

Student reviews can be found on school websites, online forums, social networks or rankings produced by independent organizations such as Happy Index At School.

Students can share information on teaching quality, pedagogical support, facilities, extracurricular activities, career opportunities and much more.

In the HappyIndex At School rankings, Albert School is well ahead of other schools. The evaluation criteria are based on :

  • School facilities and environment
  • Teaching and pedagogy
  • Student life
  • Corporate relations
  • Confidence in students' professional future
  • Students' recommendation of the school

The evaluation of all these criteria earned Albert School a score of 4.66/5 on the Happy Index, putting the school well ahead of the rest.

III. Find out about programs and job opportunities

In addition to selectivity, it's essential to find out about the programs offered by schools outside Parcoursup. Each school has its own specialties and areas of expertise, so it's important to choose a school that matches your interests and career goals.

Some schools focus on specific disciplines such as computer science, engineering, social sciences or the arts. It's important to consult school brochures and websites for detailed information on programs, courses and learning opportunities.

In addition, it can be useful to find out about the partnerships the school has established with external companies and organizations. These collaborations can offer students opportunities for internships, research projects and meetings with industry professionals to develop skills in demand on the job market.

Albert School's hybrid business and data curriculum offers students a comprehensive education in areas such as marketing, finance, mathematics and the world of data.

The school also maintains partnerships with leading companies such as LVMH, Pernaud Ricard, SCNF, Carrefour, CMA CGM and Edmond de Rothschild (more than 80 partner companies), offering students opportunities for internships, work-study programs and employment at the end of their studies. Companies are also involved on a day-to-day basis in the teaching process, with business deep dives and practical case studies given every 3 weeks to students in the Grande Ecole/Bachelor program.

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