How do you choose a course outside Parcoursup in 2023?


With more and more students looking for alternatives to the courses offered on Parcoursup, it's become essential to know how to choose your course outside Parcoursup in 2023. In this article, we'll outline the 5 key steps to help you make an informed decision.

Step 1: Assess your interests and aspirations

‍Thefirst step in choosing a course outside Parcoursup is to ask yourself about your interests, passions and career aspirations. Take the time to think about what really motivates you and what areas spark your curiosity. Identify your strengths, skills and personal values. This will help you find a course that matches your goals and personality.

Step 2: Look for career opportunities

‍Whenconsidering a course of study outside Parcoursup, it's important to consider the career opportunities associated with each field of study. Find out about expanding sectors, in-demand professions and job market trends. Consult reliable sources of information such as sector reports, employment statistics and growth forecasts. This will help you choose a course that offers real long-term career prospects.

Step 3: Explore programs and curricula

‍Onceyou have a clear idea of your interests and career opportunities, it's time to explore the programs and courses offered by institutions outside Parcoursup. Check out their websites, read course and module descriptions, and find out about the skills and knowledge acquired at the end of each course. Make sure the programs match your goals and offer a balanced combination of theory and practice.

Step 4: Evaluate the reputation and expertise of establishments

‍Thereputation and expertise of schools outside Parcoursup are key elements to consider when choosing a course. Find out about the schools' reputation, founders, shareholders, vision, faculty and collaborations with partner companies who will also be the students' future employers.

Step 5: Consider coaching and career opportunities

‍Personalizedguidance and professional opportunities are important elements to consider when choosing a non-Parcoursup course. Check whether the institution offers individualized follow-up, additional learning resources and opportunities for internships, hands-on projects or collaboration with companies. These aspects contribute to an enriching learning experience and the acquisition of real skills that will be appreciated on the job market.

Albert School is an interesting alternative to explore among non-Parcoursup schools. The school stands out for its innovative approach and unique pedagogical proposition. Albert School is a higher education establishment, founded by successful entrepreneurs such as Bernard Arnault, Xavier Niel and Pierre-Édouard Stérin, which offers a hybrid education between business and data, two key fields for today's digital economy.

Albert School's Business and Data programs are designed to train versatile professionals capable of meeting the challenges of technological change. The school emphasizes hands-on learning, personalized coaching and internship and job opportunities with partner companies including LVMH, Google, Edmond de Rothschild and Carrefour.


When choosing a non-Parcoursup course in 2023, it's essential to consider your interests, professional aspirations and career opportunities. Explore the programs, assess the reputation of the establishments and consider the support and practical opportunities. Albert School is a promising alternative, offering quality training in business and data.

To find out more about what Albert School has to offer, click here.

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