Partir à Griffith College de Dublin avec Albert School !

Going on a university exchange abroad is an extraordinary opportunity for Albert School students. As part of our international exchange program, we are proud to present Griffith College, our partner university in Dublin, Ireland.

How does this academic exchange with Griffith College - Albert School fit in with our programs?

As an Albert School student in the Grande Ecole program, you will have the opportunity to go to Griffith College in 3rd year, and in the International BBA program you can go inyear 2bis or 3rd year.

Exchange in Dublin

Dublin, Ireland's vibrant capital, is a city rich in history, culture and opportunity. During your stay at Griffith College, you'll have the opportunity to discover the wonders of this cosmopolitan city and its picturesque surroundings. Whether you wish to visit historic sites such as Dublin Castle or Trinity College, stroll along the famous River Liffey, or explore the beautiful scenery of the Irish coast, Dublin offers a multitude of enriching experiences for international students.

The academic experience at Griffith College

Griffith College is an internationally renowned school offering quality programs of study in business and technology.

With modern, state-of-the-art facilities such as computer labs and digital libraries, students benefit from an environment conducive to interactive learning and exploration of the latest data trends.

The university's pedagogical approach emphasizes thepractical application of knowledge through projects, case studies and internships with local and international companies. On exchange at Griffith College, Albert School students will have the chance to attend courses in English in finance, management, international business, sustainable business and marketing.

Choosing Griffith College for an academic exchange offers students the opportunity to develop solid academic skills, actively prepare for a career in the data industry and benefit from an expanded professional network** thanks to collaborations with industry. This academic experience complements theoretical knowledge with practical experience, preparing them for successful integration into the job market.

Student life at Griffith College

Student life at Griffith College is dynamic and offers many opportunities for personal development. Students have access to a variety ofactivities organized by student associations, from sports competitions to cultural festivals. These events encourage socialization and encounters between students from all over the world, creating a stimulating multicultural environment. What's more, students can get involved in clubs and organizations that match their interests, whether in music, the arts, sports or volunteering. These extracurricular commitments complement their academic experience by offering additional opportunities for personal development.

Griffith College also offers a range of student support services, including career advisors. These professionals are on hand to help students explore their career options. Mental and physical wellness support services are also available to ensure balance and overall health.

The Griffith College campus offers an environment conducive to learning and student life, with communal areas, libraries and sports facilities. What's more, being located in Dublin, students have access to a vibrant cultural and social life. The city offers a multitude of opportunities for dining, entertainment and cultural discovery. Students can explore museums, art galleries, theaters and enjoy the region's tourist attractions.

Benefits for your professional career

Going on exchange to Griffith College will offer you considerable advantages for your future professional career.

  1. International professional network: By meeting students and professionals from all over the world, you'll develop a valuable international professional network. These contacts could open doors and offer you interesting professional opportunities in the future.
  2. Developing intercultural skills: Living and studying in an international environment will enable you to develop essential intercultural skills, such as intercultural communication, flexibility and cultural sensitivity. These skills are increasingly sought after by employers in our globalized world.
  3. Valued international experience: Employers increasingly value candidates with international experience. Going on exchange to Griffith College will demonstrate your open-mindedness, adaptability and willingness to explore new cultures and environments, valuable qualities in today's professional world.

With Albert School's International BBA program, you'll have the opportunity to continue your international adventure with an internship lasting from 6 to 12 months.

For more information on Griffith College's internships, click here.


Going on exchange to Griffith College in Dublin is a unique opportunity for Albert School students. In addition to discovering a vibrant city and enjoying a quality academic experience, you'll develop intercultural skills, expand your professional network and prepare for a successful international career. Seize this opportunity to open up to the world and broaden your horizons by taking part in our exchange program at Griffith College.

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